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A fitter, healthier, happier you

If you’re reading this, you will already know that exercise has endless benefits for your overall health and wellbeing. Sometimes it takes a little extra motivation and guidance to achieve your fitness goals. That’s where I can help. Let's find out what works for you, and most importantly, have fun! You can expect a sore muscle or two along the way, but it’s worth the challenge.

What my clients think

Margaux is an incredible PT.

I felt like my progress was closely tracked so my training was personalised and I was always challenged. Highly recommend!


Margaux is such a great PT!

She is caring and pushes you to the limits to ensure you make the most out of your training. Love every session!


What a great experience working out with Margaux! If you are looking for a challenge she is the right partner in crime.


Mags Fitness


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